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Ayako goes to SPACE PEN by Fisher

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Ayako goes to SPACE PEN by Fisher






The Fisher Space Pen with the 10th logo is now available!

After undergoing rigorous inspection by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the Fisher Space Pen is actually used by all astronauts.

When the cap is closed, it fits comfortably in your pocket or pouch, making it a full-sized, well-balanced writing tool when in use.

In a normal ballpoint pen, the ink drops to the tip of the ball due to gravity, but in the space pen, the ink moves to the tip of the ballpoint pen due to the pressure of the nitrogen gas enclosed inside.
Therefore, even if it is turned upside down, you can start writing immediately, and you can write smoothly even in weightlessness, underwater, and extremely hot and cold (-34 to + 121 ° C).
In addition, because the special highly adhesive ink is sealed, it can be stored for more than 100 years without drying up.

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¥11,000 tax included